ARC Invitation Request

What are ARCs all about?

Advanced Reader Copies are copies of a book that are created prior to a book going on sale to be sent to reviewers, librarians, bookstores, and similar outlets. The purpose of ARCs is to generate early buzz and reviews, encourage purchases, and assist librarians and booksellers in deciding whether or not to purchase a particular book for their collection/stock.

Reviewers can include bloggers, newspaper columnists, book clubs, librarians and even celebrities.

If you would like to be invited to receive an ARCs, please read the Terms and fill out the form below. Please be aware that print versions are only sent to a select few. Digital formats are more widely available.


Bloggers requesting ARCs who do not follow up with reviews will be dropped from the invitation list. Galateia Press does not attempt to influence the reviews written by anyone receiving a free title.

To remain on the ARC invitation list, you must:

  • Include the statement “ARC copy provided by Galateia Press” at the end of your review.
  • Send us a link to your review once it has been published. If you post your review to any other site (Goodreads, Amazon, etc), then be sure to also include direct links to your review at these sites.
  • Refrain from derogatory comments in your review. Honest reactions to the book are encourage, but any critical comments should be written professionally, thoughtfully and politely. When in doubt, remember the Golden Rule.
  • Never sell an ARC provided by Galateia Press.

What you may do with an ARC after your done reading.

If you do not choose to keep the ARC after your review has been written, then you may give it away. Your local librarian or bookstore may appreciate receiving ARCs. This helps them discover a new title they may wish to bring into the library or bookstore.  We prefer that you do not share them with another blogger, but instead refer them to our site. Anyone wishing to receive ARCs needs to visit this page, fill out our form, and agree to our Terms.

ARC’s are sent with a Press Kit. Press kits include:

  • Book cover images
  • Banner images
  • Book Blurb/excerpts
  • Author bio
  • Author Photo
  • Interview questions – should you wish to interview our authors.

Thank you for your interest in Galateia Press!