There are many design decisions to be made when publishing a book, not just the cover. It’s never too early to begin thinking about your style and how you want your book to reflect your story. Snap photos with your iPhone if you see something particular you like about a book, then file it away to share with us. A picture is worth a thousand words.

We will be designing the entire appearance of your  book, front to back. Certainly the cover is an important aspect of the book’s appearance, but there are other elements to consider.

Choosing the font, for example. Sometimes the most important element is something no one thinks about because it’s been done so well that it disappears. When choosing the right font for your book, we always keep the target audience in mind. Is your book geared to the young adult, or the older, more seasoned reader? Is the book a light hearted romance, or a gothic horror? The font will be different depending on the answer. No matter what genre you are penning for, your font must be legible, easy to on the eyes, and flow well…you don’t want any odd characters that jar the reader from the story.

Will your book have images, illustrations, maps, or other graphics? How about chapter headers, drop caps, dingbats beside the page numbers? Depending on your aethestic, your book be simple and clear from graphic embellishments, or it can be enhaced with elements that enhance the mood of the story.

Before you contact us, it’s a good idea to have your goals firmly in mind. How you want to engage with your readers, who those readers are, what is happening in your genere are all things to have determined ahead of time. Trends move quickly, and staying on top of what is happening with your demograpic will help you make wise decisions when presented with design choices.

Will you publish a blog? Do you have a Facebook page, Twitter account, Pinterest board? If you don’t, you will need all three.

We recommend setting up a file and collecting samples of images that fit with your design tastes. It’s easier to share an image of something you like than trying to describe it.