Meet our authors.

alnowakElvin Rasberry Nowak was born in Eight Mile, Alabama - just outside Mobile, in 1932. He was the youngest child in the family. His parents had more children than Elvin met, some passed away at birth, others left home when he was too young to remember much about them. He and his two sisters grew up together living in ramshackle conditions when they weren't living out of a car.

After his mother passed and his father was unable to care for him properly, Elvin spent some time living at the Wilmer Hall orphanage in Mobile. Wilmer Hall is still in operation today. Elvin has many fond memories of the children he lived with and has included some photos of them in his book.

After Elvin's father passed away he was adopted by the Nowak family. He lived with the Nowaks for about four years before a falling out left him homeless and fending for himself once again.

As a young man, Elvin served in both the US Airforce and the Army. He was a soldier in the Korean war.

Elvin married his wife Shirley after his discharge from the Army and they had a son named Bill in 1962. Elvin and Shirley have lived a happy family life raising their son in Phoenix, Arizona. They still reside there today.

Bill and his wife, Donna, live in Spokane, Washington. Bill and Donna do not have any children.

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kimberleyangleseyBorn in San Francisco, Kimberley Anglesey's youth was spent a barefoot waif on the beaches of California and there she developed her love of the sea.

In the custom of the Seanchaí, Kimberley's Irish grandmother taught her to love stories of the forgotten past, filled with legend and folklore, mythology and fantasy.

Reading and writing have been a lifelong passion. Striving earnestly to spin a good yarn and carry on the family tradition, she often writes into the wee hours of the night.

She has run out of shelf space for all the books she collected over the years and is grateful that her Kindle has solved the problem of where to house her ever growing library.

Also a photographer and avid nature lover, Kimberley currently lives with her family and a crazy dog in beautiful Idaho.

Kimberley actively participates on, and highly recommends the site to aspiring authors.

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